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Find out here who Filip Heyninck from Waasmunster is

and check out the works he puts his heart and soul into on a daily basis.

Filip was born in 1970 in Sint-Niklaas,

lives together with my wife, 2 big children and pets.

I am a cartoonist, illustrator, cartoonist and so much more.

My wife Katrien works closely by my side.

She colors and does all the administrative and graphic work.

Ever since I could hold a pencil as a toddler I have been making drawings.

With the comic strips of Suske and Wiske, the Smurfs, Bolie and Billie,....

I grew up, and I continue this style in my own work.

Together with Jean Pol (illustrator of Kramikske and Samson & Gert)

I worked for a long time at Studio 100 on the illustrations

of Piet Piraat and Kabouter Plop.


The fact that comics can reach not only children but also other target groups is proven by the unique project that I realized together with Hilde Verhelst and Filip Verhelst: a children's book that was "translated" into Flemish Sign Language ("Sign Language saves").

Then the other comic books “Deaf Devils” and “Smart Seen” were added.

I am also no stranger to the Knokke cartoon festival: in 2005 I won 3rd place.

in the haha...disability category. My first comic strip The SPORTS - gang “Gold Set Match”

was only on the shelves in 2018 and later the second part “Buitenaarde game” came out. Shortly afterwards the third comic book “Ninja Dance Battle” was released.  

Now we can proudly announce that our work has already reached America!
The first and second books in collaboration with HEARZERO called 'Seniors sign too' have just been launched!
And I can say that many more will follow.

Visual Box presents its latest fairy tale story with my illustrations: Deaf Pinocchio. The enchanting story follows Pinocchio, a wooden puppet who comes to life and searches for his deaf identity and discovers the value of Flemish sign language. It is the very first comic ever to be produced by an entire team of deaf Flemish sign speakers, but also the very first comic that, in addition to the Dutch version, is fully available in Flemish Sign Language.

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